Friday, December 26, 2008

Photos from Around the Spiegel House

A Christmas Cookie.

I made these cookies as a gift for the people at Mohonk, a resort and nature preserve in New Paltz, New York.

To make the logo, I first drew it on AutoCad, which is an architectural design program that I use at work. I then printed a bunch on one piece of paper and placed it underneath a sheet of acetate paper, which was taped onto a cookie sheet. From there I piped over the template with royal icing, painted the designs with luster dust, waited for them to dry, and carefully lifted them off the acetate using a small offset spatula.

I applied the logos to the cookies when the green icing was still wet.

Wedgwood Cookies

I received a great gift yesterday from my Grandmother, Jewel. She gave me an Olympus E-520 camera and, as you can see from these pictures, the camera makes all the difference. I spent most of this morning taking pictures of cookies that I'd saved in hopes that I would someday get a hold of a camera that would do them justice.

This is my favorite picture.

These cookies were inspired by Wedgwood pottery, which I recently started collecting. It took some time to get the color just right.

I made some letters by hand (above) and also experimented with stencils (below).

You can see some other pictures that I took on my mom's blog, Spiegel House.