Sunday, August 29, 2010

CSN Stores Product Review

Since I was contacted by CSN Stores for the giveaway I held on my blog a few weeks ago, I've spent a lot of time browsing their seemingly endless amount of products! So, after narrowing my choices down, I finally purchased this Nordicware Maple Leaf Pan. It's made from cast aluminum, which makes this piece lightweight yet sturdy.

The pan arrived at my door just a few days after I made my purchase. I was very pleased with the fast shipping!

To test the pan, I made a recipe for Butter Almond Leaves, which was printed on the underside of the label. The recipe was really simple and made just enough to fill the pan. They baked for about 15 minutes.

The cakes cooled for a few minutes in the pan as per the instructions and they popped right out when I flipped it over.

My oven has a tendency to burn the bottom of cupcakes so I was really happy when these came out of the oven a perfect golden brown color.

I had used a spoon to fill the cavities of the pan and realized when the cakes came out that I should have used a piping bag to get the batter into the points of the leaves. But, I was glad to see that the veining detail still came through.

After the cakes completely cooled, I trimmed off the crowns and dusted them with powdered sugar.

The cakes were perfectly baked, moist, and delicious. This maple leaf pan is a great item to have for fall!

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  1. I have looked at this pan before and was never sure if it would look good when they came out but now I know I would love to have one!!!I am gonna buy one of these.


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