Monday, August 17, 2009

Bronze and Burgundy

I love this color combination. My favorite part of making these cookies is applying the edible shimmer dust at the end. If you've ever used dusting powders, you probably know that by mixing them with alcohol they can be used as a sort of paint.
When I first started decorating cookies I was mixing the shimmer dust with lemon extract but I was going through a whole bottle in about 5 minutes, which got pretty expensive. Then I switched to vodka. It was cheaper than the extract but the alcohol content was much lower so it was dissolving my icing before the "paint" had a chance to dry.

Then I found Bacardi 151 and it is by far the best liquid I've used with the shimmer dust. It dries quickly and you can get a lot more for your money than when you buy extracts. The easiest way to use it is to pour a small amount of the alcohol into a dish and, with an eyedropper, place a tiny bit on a palette with the shimmer dust and mix with a small paint brush. You will have to keep adding drops of alcohol since it evaporates rather quickly and make sure that you close the cap on the bottle when you're not pouring!
These monogrammed cookies are available in my Etsy shop.


  1. Gorgeous!!!
    I found your cookies on etsy and came to your blog - I love your colour combos and designs!

  2. BEAUTIFUL! Your monograms are so perfect...I never tire of looking at do you get the letters so precise? The "gold leaf" is so pretty!

  3. Hi Amber,

    I came across your beautiful creations and borrowed some of your photos for a post. I hope you don't mind me doing so. Compliments on you work!

    Made By Suzi Blog

  4. Your taste is exquisite! Thanks for all of your tips. I just love tips! Keep them coming! And keep your beautiful work coming.

    Yummy cookies are on their way!


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