Friday, August 14, 2009

What A Week!

After my cookies were featured on the Storque this week I've been busier than ever. I wish I could thank each one of my customers individually and in person! I truly feel like someone has been watching over me so I'm posting these angel cookies in honor of my eternal gratitude.


  1. Simply Heavenly!


  2. Hi -

    Thanks so much for accepting my offer! I will have the questions ready and sent to you by Monday. I wanted to let you know I did a little Pre-piece on the dollface blog about your company.

  3. hello !
    i got to now about your cookies from a blog i read often, and trust me, you just made my day ! i all head over heels for your cookies ! a piece of art they are ! all of them are like collectors items ! wish they'd stay like this for ever !!

    could you please mail me an address where to get them from ?

  4. Thank you so much, Sarthak! My cookies are available for purchase at

  5. I've also seen your work on Designers Block and i'm simply in total admiration.
    i'm just starting an activity as a wedding planner in Granada (Spain) and i'm simply desperate to find such beauties as yours ! (my clients are likely to be English, Americans and i would love to be able to propose customized cookies in my collection of wedding favors)
    Do you think you can ship to Spain ?

    my wedding blog is

  6. I will ship my cookies anywhere in the world. However, the cost of shipping the cookies internationally is usually more than the price of the cookies themselves.

  7. Hi again Amber,

    just to tell you i posted on your divine cookies today as i find them so inspiring!

  8. Oh my. These are precious. Thank you for following on my blog! It's funny because I was just checking out your shop this afternoon and favoriting things! I do hope to place a large order for my sister's bridal shower in February. Yay!


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